Have you seen the Sisters out, looking fabulous, and having a great time? Have you seen us out fundraising, checking clothing, or throwing an amazing event? Are you thinking maybe you want to be part of the fun?

Well, that’s not all we do! In addition to fundraising, the work of a Sister includes: ministry, education, and entertainment. We organize and plan an ever increasing number of charitable events that are growing bigger each year. We host monthly events to bring joy within our community. Sisters attend trainings, monthly meetings, protests, social events and make multiple appearances ministering to and supporting our community each month. Being a Sister requires many varied skills and an investment in time, energy, money, and yourself. We are looking for drive, passion, commitment, a desire to perform community service, flexibility to handle many tasks, a willingness to stretch and grow.

In addition to being a lot of fun, being a Sister is a lot of work! In addition to all this, the Sisters of our order often hold down full time jobs and other responsibilities. We take our vows and our calling very seriously. For many, being a sister can be a lifelong vocation. Being a Sister can be incredibly challenging and demanding, but can also be incredibly rewarding.

Still interested? To learn more about our current work, check us out on the Book of Face: Abbey of Cardinal, continue to explore our website, attend an event, or talk to us when we are out. Also take some time to visit our “Mother House’s” page: www.thesisters.org. Once you have experienced the Sisters and learned more, reach out to our current Mistress of Novices, either in person at an event, via facebook, or through the contact us link.