Sister – Barbarella Gaudi – Mistress of the Hoard

I was speeding back to earth after defeating Duran Duran (please watch my biopic movie Barbarella, in which Jane Fonda played me) when I was suddenly pulled through time by an eccentric irresistible gravitational force, I was to learn later this was Sister Star Kitten Jubilee.  I was so discombobulated I ended up crashing in that quaint Catalonian city Barcelona. In my time the city was flooded after the polar ice caps melted. I finally had the opportunity to experience the magnificent edifices erected by the famed architect Antoni Gaudi.

As I have just recently been introduced to the physical sexual experience (see the Babarella movie for general background info), I have decided it is important to open my mind and explore a multitude of possibilities in sexual encounters. After spending many months in Barcelona pleasuring myself in on and with Señor Gaudi’s buildings we decided to enter a polyamorous relationship.  Palau Guell is my primary partner he has just the most amazing chimney pots, and soothing interiors. Casa Mila brings quantity variety and quality to the table. Casa Batllo has a chubby thick turret. I also have a thing going on with the reconstructed Barcelona Pavilion by Mies Van der Rohe, I so enjoy the way spaces slide through one another. Dare I mention my tryst with the Sagrada Familia, one should not kiss and tell about ecclesiastical affairs.

I rediscovered that pull by Star Kitten and made my way to Columbus.  I found and now participate in they only organized government that I have found currently on earth that is similar to that in my time, The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.  Their principles promote universal acceptance and love. I found a nice house with a fat turret and chimneys.


Barbarella Gaudi & Vladimir I Cornet