Sister – Gloria Holistic

Feeling down and out in the Emerald City I sat alone in the dark feeling unheard and unwanted, I thirst and hungered – I was one sad son of a witch. I that moment when I left like throwing in the towel for being trapped in yet another dead end a holy glow illuminated from above me and I noticed and opening in the wall I knelt down to peer through it. Moving toward the open was this majestic and clearly holy staff with touched me. It fed me, filling me so I hunger no more. Taking the staff with both hands I held and jerked at it holding on it is divine revelation. The wand began to rain holy water and I thirsted no more. Something took ahold of me, grabbed at my throat and I began to speak in tongues I could feel the divine in me and on me,, literally all over me. In that moment I have a new purpose. I stood Gloria Holistic Mouthpiece of Divine intervention leady to give the Hand of Joy (also known as a Handy J) to all in need. With Tarot cards in hand and my spirit guide of Mysterious Marilyn I deliver message of love, joy, and hope from the Divine. Now residing in Columbus Ohio Sister Gloria has join up with a posse of Queer Clown Nuns of the Abby of Cardinal Sin. I have taken on the guise of the Sin of Gluttony and the Virtue of Temperance to promote the old Germanic saying “Everything in moderation…including moderation.”   May gluttony be your guide and temperance be by your side.

Sister Gloria Holistic

Mouthpiece of Divine Intervention