Sister – Heidi Hideyho – Mistress of Novices

Heidi’s memories begin with her waking in a hospital with a man calling himself “Grandfather” sitting next to her bed. He told told her that she had barely survived a terrible donkey punch
incident. To this day Heidi cannot figure out what she did to piss off a donkey that much. Heidi and Grandfather traveled the country for a couple of years in a Winnebago working as freelance sausage inspectors. Heidi and Grandfather were happy on the road for many years until Grandfather was killed in Tijuana in a tragic donkey show accident. Heidi suspects it was the same donkey that had punched her back in 1984. (Heidi now has a pathological fear of donkeys.)

Unable to reenter the US and not speaking Spanish; Heidi worked for several years in the mountains of Mexico tending goat herders, those herders needed a lot of tending. Eventually

Heidi raised enough money to get a coyote to bring her back to the US. The coyote kept Heidi
around for several months before delivering her to the north side of the border; it appears coyotes need nearly as much tending as goat herders.

Heidi traveled the country again now tending truck drivers. While driving through Columbus a particularly unruly trucker did not appreciate Heidi’s brand of trucker tending and dumped her on the side of the road. Luckily Heidi soon ran into Father Heedi, a rather drunk and perverted Priest who introduced her to a trio of 3 aspirant nuns, Star-Kitten, Prima, and Barberella, that he had recently been cavorting around Columbus with. She quickly joined their group, helping to tend to the needs of the Columbus GLBTQ and wider community. It was a different kind of tending than she had been used to. It was even more rewarding and less messy than her previous work.